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Alumni Giving Opportunities

Remembrance/In Memoriam Gifts

CHS Alumni can make gifts to honor the memory of a fellow classmate, teacher, friend, or loved one.  The CAA will notify family members (when provided with contact information) of gifts made without specifying the amount of the donation.  The name and CHS graduating class (if applicable) of the In-Memoriam donation designee will be listed in the Alumni Remembrance/In Memoriam section of this website.  In-Memoriam donations can be designated for CAA Board approved-sanctioned projects as outlined in the Donate section.

Click here to make an In Memoriam donation.

Ruth Shaw Memorial Scholarship Gifts

CHS Alumni can now make gifts to endow/fund the Ruth Shaw Memorial Scholarship.  On 15 September 2021, the CAA established the Ruth Shaw Memorial Scholarship.  It will be awarded annually to graduating CHS Senior(s) with plans to further their educational/career pursuits at an accredited college, university, and/or vocational-technical school.  The initial scholarship will be funded in the amount of $2000 with options to annually adjust the number of scholarships awarded and/or the respective amount(s) based upon CAA fiscal status.  The first scholarship will be awarded in the Spring of 2022.  The CAA Board is collaborating with the designated CHS representative(s) to define scholarship qualification criteria and the corresponding application, selection, and award processes.

Click here to make a Ruth Shaw Memorial Scholarship donation.

C-NP Schools Museum Gifts

Memorabilia:  Arrangements for the donation of artifacts, items, and/or memorabilia can be made by contacting the designated CAA museum rep.  Please Contact Us with information about your proposed donation or send an email to museum@choctawalumni.org.

Monetary Donation:  All monetary donations designated for the museum will be transferred directly to the C-NP Schools Museum account maintained and operated by the C-NP School District Administration’s Chief Financial Officer.  These donations will help ensure the continued operation of the museum and support future projects.

Click here to make C-NP Schools Museum donation.

Reunion/Golf Tourney/Special Event Gifts or Payments

DONATIONS can be made in support of CAA Board-approved/sponsored reunions and/or events. 

Payments (non-tax-deductible) can also be made for Golf Tourney entry fees, Reunion/Social fees, and other items/services. 

Click here to make an Reunion/Golf Tourney/Special Events DONATION/payment.

Legacy Gifts

CHS Alumni can help sustain the tradition of excellence in the C-NP Schools through a planned gift to the CAA.  One of the simplest ways is through a bequest in a will or estate plan.

If you are interested in pursuing this option, please Contact Us or send an email to finance@choctawalumni.org and/or info@choctawalumni.org.

Click here to make an Legacy Gift donation.

General/Operating Expense Gifts

CHS Alumni can help sustain the continued operation of the CAA via a general, non-designated monetary donation.

Click here to make General/Operating Expense Gift donation.