Museum Background

In 2015, Mr. Andrew Thompson (CHS Class of 1965) discussed the concept of and need for a C-NP Schools Museum with the C-NP Schools Superintendent, Dr. Jim McCharen.  As a direct result of this collaboration, the CHS Class of 1965 (the host class of the 2015 CHS Annual Reunion) donated reunion proceeds to the C-NP School District as seed money for the establishment of a museum fund.  Subsequent classes hosting their annual reunions continued this tradition and, by 2019, these donations surpassed $20,000.  These donations were instrumental in moving the C-NP Schools Museum from concept to reality.  They have been used to purchase multiple display cases and related items for the museum.

During this same time frame and continuing to the present day, CHS Alumni donated multiple items to the museum – from yearbooks, to school pictures, to school papers, to athletic and activity equipment/uniforms, to letter jackets, and the list goes on and on.

To accommodate those artifacts/memorabilia donations and with no dedicated facility available at that time, Dr. McCharen graciously provided space in the west annex of the C-NP Schools Administration Building to house multiple museum displays.  Under the guidance of Mr. Thompson, a host of CHS Alumni volunteers began the labor-intensive task of sorting, cataloging, and populating those displays culminating with an official opening and tours during July 2018.

Work and volunteer support continues on a regular basis as more donated items are received.  The collection of memorabilia has already outgrown the temporary display space in the Administration Building.  Items are now being rotated from display to secure storage in order to exhibit the entire collection on a rotating basis.  Museum volunteers have also begun archiving hundreds of school-related photos – faculty, staff, and various school activities.  Additionally, a C-NP Schools Administrator is archiving all school board minutes, more than 100 years’ worth.  An archive of newspaper articles about the schools, school activities, and other news already exists and continues to grow.     

Much has been and is being done.