What We Do

The guiding/overarching PRINCIPLE of the Choctaw Alumni Association (CAA) is GIVING BACK to our schools and communities. 

This is reflected in the four Pillars of the CAA Charter/Mission: Partnership, Preservation, Promotion, and Pursuit.

  • PARTNERSHIP – The CAA actively Partners with the C-NP School District in Preserving Our Past, Promoting Our Present, and Pursuing Our Collective Future.  The CAA also Partners with other District-sanctioned groups/organizations through a variety of collaborative efforts.
  • PRESERVATION – Much of the CAA focus is dedicated to the “preservation” aspect of our charter as exemplified by our active involvement with and financial/volunteer support of the Choctaw Nicoma Park Schools Museum and other Historical Preservation Efforts/Projects.  Through these efforts, the rich history, heritage, accomplishments, and traditions of Yellowjacket alumni/faculties will be readily accessible to successive generations of CHS alumni. 
  • PROMOTION – The CAA supports current C-NP School District faculty/students and their respective activities while also serving as the focal point for all CHS Alumni-related matters for all CHS Classes by:
    • funding and awarding SCHOLARSHIP(s) to graduating CHS senior(s);
    • funding and awarding instructional grants to C-NP School District sites;
    • providing financial and volunteer support of annual District Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremony;
    • establishing and maintaining a single, secure source of CHS Alumni contact information;
    • developing centralized digital/social media platforms for CHS Alumni information exchange;
    • facilitating the planning & promotion of class Events, Reunions, Golf Tournaments, and other CHS Alumni-centric activities. 
  • PURSUIT – The CAA actively supports other District-sanctioned groups/organizations to further academic/activity opportunities for all alumni/faculty/students by providing financial and/or volunteer assistance in support of C-NP School District initiatives. CHS Alumni can support these endeavors on behalf of Past, Present, and Future C-NP alumni/faculty/students by GIVING to the CAA via the following Giving Opportunities:
    • a regular donation,
    • a donation in memory/honor of a fellow alum/classmate, 
    • a donation in memory/honor of a special coach, teacher, administrator, 
    • a donation to the C-NP Schools Museum,
    • a donation to help endow/fund annual CAA scholarship(s),
    • and/or making a legacy gift.