Choctaw Alumni Association History

The Choctaw Alumni Association (CAA) origin dates back to the 1950s when CHS classes began an annual reunion celebration tradition. The CHS class celebrating its 50th Reunion hosted an event and invited all graduating classes 5 years following along with all preceding classes.  Financial proceeds from these events were passed along to the succeeding year’s host class via an informal entity known as the Annual Choctaw Alumni Association.  As years passed, the concept of legally incorporating a CHS Alumni Association was discussed but no action was taken.

In late 2017, Ms. BJ Christopher (CHS Class of 1968) began the monumental task of gathering all the required state and federal information for legal incorporation as an IRS-approved tax-exempt organization.  Through the steadfast focus and unrelenting commitment of Ms. Christopher, the CAA was legally incorporated in the State of Oklahoma and officially approved as an IRS tax-exempt entity in 2019.  It is now a functional and operational entity fully sanctioned by the C-NP School District as a partnership support organization.