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CAA Board of Directors

The CAA Board of Directors is composed of no less than five (5) and no more than 18 Directors, or such other number as may be designated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors convened to conduct business.  In addition to the duly-elected Directors, the C-NP School District Superintendent (or his/her designated alternate) and a C-NP School District School Board Member (as assigned by the School Board) shall serve as ex officio Directors and possess no voting rights.  The current CAA Board of Directors are:


Judy Warren (1967) President
Barbara (Davidson) Sloan Shaw (1965) Vice President
BJ (Winkleman) Christopher (1968) Secretary
Sharon (Briley) Taylor (1966) Treasurer
Bob Whitaker (1964) Vice President-Membership
Jerry Bower (1976) Member-at-Large
Ken Brewer (1971) Member-at-Large
Rita (Jackson) Burkhalter (1972) Member-at-Large
Linda (Neal) Campbell (1970) Member-at-Large
Linda (DeLozier) Harting (1972) Member-at-Large
Don Jernigan (1972) Member-at-Large
Roy Neal (1965) Member-at-Large
Ashley (Bower) Petty (1995) Member-at-Large
Kristy (Lilly) Ventimiglia (1975) Member-at-Large