Why Give

Many CHS Alumni attest that their experiences in the C-NP Schools were instrumental in molding and preparing them for their future life and career endeavors.  We hope that those experiences, the shared collective memories of your classmates, and your fondness for CHS will encourage you to financially support the CAA.  Your generosity will help ensure the continued operation of the CAA and its ongoing partnership with the C-NP Schools and its tradition of excellence.

Donation Guidelines

The CAA accepts designated donations for CAA-sponsored/supported activities, endeavors, events, and/or projects approved by the CAA Board in accordance with the CAA Charter/Bylaws and IRS guidance.  Reference the Giving Opportunities section for additional details.

Unless designated as outlined above, all donations will be used to sustain CAA operations in support of ongoing commitments to the C-NP Schools and our CHS Alumni membership.

ALL DONATIONS to the CAA are tax-deductible.


Payments (non-tax-deductible) can also be made for Golf Tourney entry fees, Reunion Gala/Social fees, and other pre-approved items/services. 

Giving Opportunities  

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