Alumni Remembrance/In Memoriam

See the Alumni Association Memorial Wall for all CHS Alumni/Faculty commemorated by Remembrance/In-Memoriam donations.

See the CHS Alumni/Faculty Memorial Roll for deceased CHS Alumni/Faculty as reported to the CAA.

Use the following CHS Alumni/Faculty Death Notification Form to report the death of CHS Alumni/Faculty:

CHS Alumni/Faculty Death Notification Form

Used to report the death of CHS Alumni/Faculty.

  • List the Last Name, First Name, Email Address, and/or Cell/Text number of Individual submitting this information.
    Last NameFirst NameEmail AddressCell/Text Number
  • List the Last Name, First Name, Maiden Name, and Graduating Class of the Deceased. {Click the + icon to the right of the last column to add names.}
    Last NameFirst NameMaiden NameCHS Class 
  • Enter the date of death.
  • Enter any other pertinent information including funeral/memorial service arrangements, obituary, and/or related links.