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CAA Scholarship Established/In-Memoriam Donation Recognition/HELP NEEDED

Some relevant actions from the 09/15/2021 CAA Board meeting:

  • Ruth Shaw Memorial Scholarship:  The CAA formally approved establishment of the Ruth Shaw Memorial Scholarship.  Reference the Alumni Giving Opportunities section for more detailed info about this scholarship and how you can support  it.
  • In-Memoriam Donations & Recognition:  In-Memoriam donations for deceased CHS Alumni/Faculty will be recognized in the Alumni Remembrance/In Memoriam section.  The name and the class of the deceased will be posted therein.  Neither the donor’s name nor the amount of the donation will be mentioned; however, the CAA will respond to the donor in accordance with normal donation acceptance/appreciation correspondence practices.  In-Memoriam donations can be designated for CAA Board approved/sanctioned projects as outlined in the Donate and Alumni Giving Opportunities sections. 
  • CAA Participation in Future CHS Athletic Hall of Fame (HOF) Induction and CHS Football Homecoming Events:  The Board will allocate $1000 total ($500 for each event) in support of CAA sponsorship and participation in these events.  CAA representatives will meet with the C-NP Schools Athletic Director to refine HOF involvement details.  The Board will subsequently consider options on how best to publicize the CAA during the events surrounding the annual CHS Football Homecoming – which could include participation in the Homecoming parade and/or hosting a reception/social following the parade or the game.  Alumni input is solicited.
  • Additional CAA Help/Volunteer Support Desperately NeededActive involvement and participation in CAA leadership and volunteer capacities are desperately needed – especially from CHS Alums who graduated in the late 1970s through the 1990sThis is YOUR Alumni Association.  The majority of current CAA Board leadership are CHS graduates from the 1960s era (translated, they are in their “golden years.”)   If the CAA is to remain a viable and vibrant organization supporting the C-NP Schools and our Alumni, then a leadership transition plan must be effected in the near future.  If you are willing to serve in a Leadership (CAA Officer; Board of Directors; committee head; class coordinator; reunion/event coordinator/planner; publicity; membership; donation/sponsorship solicitation; website maintenance) or in an event/project Volunteer capacity; then Contact Us  or send an email at info@choctawalumni.org.  Thanks in advance for your consideration.

2021 Reunion Weekend – In The Books

“Turn Out The Lights; The Party Is Over” – we’re closing the “books” on a very busy and very successful alumni reunion weekend – as measured by the quality time spent and camaraderie enjoyed with our fellow CHS Alumni and Faculty from bygone eras.

The CAA-sponsored Reunion Weekend Events and all the individual CHS Class events were well organized and attended.  We hope that all who participated had a meaningful and rewarding experience.

Click on the links below for more information and pictures from the 2021 CAA-sponsored reunion events along with the 2021 individual class events conducted by the Classes of 1970, 1976, and 1980.

The CAA can use volunteers many areas.  If you would like to serve in any capacity, use the Contact Us capability of our website or simply email us at info@choctawalumni.org.  We hope to see you at future CAA sponsored events.


  • “Once A Jacket, Always A Jacket”
  • www.choctawalumni.org
  • It’s YOUR Alumni Association …

Request for CHS Yearbooks

From David Reid, C-NP Schools Superintendent:

  • C-NP Schools is attempting to locate yearbooks for all years.
  • 1944 is the first year for which they have a yearbook.
  • They are missing yearbooks for the following years: 1979, 1981,1990, 1991, 1997, 2010, & 2012

If you know of anyone who:

  1. has CHS yearbooks prior to 1944 or any of the missing years outlined above –and–
  2. would like to donate the yearbook(s) to the school district,

please contact the Superintendent’s Office via phone or email:

405.390.5481 –or– ajohnson@cnpschools.org

CAA Welcomes New Board Member – Ken Brewer CHS CLASS of 1971

Ken Brewer, CHS Class of 1971, attended the 11 May 2021 CAA Board meeting.  Ken was specifically seeking additional information about the upcoming CAA Reunion events of 30-31 July 2021 and learn more about the CAA in general.

During the course of the meeting, President Judy Warren explained the CAA’s overall mission and the need for active involvement by more CHS Alums.  Ken graciously consented to fill one of the CAA’s Board Member-At-Large vacancies and was unanimously approved.  He then presented the CAA with a most generous donation (see pic below) in support of the upcoming Reunion events and other CAA projects as required.

Welcome Aboard, Ken Brewer!!!   Other CHS Alums — Be Like Ken!!!

CHS Baseball Alums – Note from Coach Shane Hawk

Attention CHS Jacket Baseball Alums & Fans:  Current CHS Head Baseball Coach, Shane Hawk, is seeking input on the impressive history of CHS Baseball – coaches, players, teams and their respective achievements, awards, and recognitions.  In that vein, he has developed and continually updates the following websites:

https://choctawbaseball.weebly.com/alumni.html         https://choctawbaseball.weebly.com

He is seeking additional information on the CHS Baseball Coaches – especially those from the early decades 1920s, 1930s, 1940s.  Here’s the current list of the CHS Coaches – Lindsey Maynard (????-1936), Louis Maynard (1936-????), June Dawkins (????-1956), Bill Jensen (1957-1979), Jim McCharen (1980-1987), Mark Craft (1988-2014), Shane Hawk (2015-Present).

He is also seeking additional information on CHS Baseball Alums who were drafted or played professional baseball at any level or who played baseball in college at any level – especially those from the 1960 era and back.

Check out the above websites and if you have any additional information, you can contact Coach Hawk via email at shawk@cnpschools.org.

Coach Hawk also extended the following invitation to all CHS Baseball alums: “… the field is ALWAYS open and available to our great alumni!”